About us


                                      We try our best to be a company you feel you can trust. We believe you should be able to trust who you are doing business with. We want to give some insight on who we are and what we believe we can do to help the world.  Everyone has the ability to do good, doing good such as treating others with kindness or a helping hand when someone is in need always feels good. We look forward to being able to give back by donations and acts of good.  

                                       We do not, and will not sell your information ever, because we hate it when people do that to us! This is who we are and our experience, we do not make claims of healing or pain relief. We are a husband and wife who turned to CBD topical treatments to deal with a variety of ailments as well as essential oil topicals. Neither one could do it alone. Through blending CBD with Essential oils we have created a hybrid salve that we are proud of. Now we use hemp based CBD to replace a lot of things we used in the past. Please share your stories, and let us know what you would like to see next.

We are currently looking for a non-profit partner that supports our Vets and has a favorable attitude towards CBD. 

Sincerely, Jon and Bea Scott


Scott's Essentials