About us

     We think you should learn about us. You should be able to trust who you are doing business with.
We want to give some insight on who we are and what we believe we can do to help you or your loved ones with our proprietary thc free cbd bath, body and pet care products.
A cute photo of our dog Panda and Cat Yolo
   A husband and wife who were looking for ways to have less pain without more pills. 
We developed our first topical "Rub It Out" to help ourselves. Once we had perfected it. I literally jumped up and down with joy in my kitchen because my hips felt so much better.
After lots of rave reviews from family & friends, Scott’s Essentials cbd bath and body became an official business in Kennewick, Wa. 
We look forward to being able to give back by donations and acts of good.  
We do not, and will not sell your information ever, because we hate it when people do that to us! This is who we are and our experience, we do not make claims of healing or permanent pain relief. 
Through blending Broad Spectrum Distillate thc free CBD with high quality essential oils we have created a fantastic selection of lotions, topicals, bath salts and pet care that we are proud of.
All of our products are intended for adults of 18 or 21, depending on your states laws on the age for legal use of hemp cbd derived products.
We use hemp cbd because it is a great way to enjoy muscle, joint and nerve pain relief without the possibility of testing positive for a thc drug test.
We are currently looking for a non-profit partner that supports our Vets and has a favorable attitude towards CBD. 
 Fettuccine says
Fettuccine says "I love you"
Sincerely, Jon and Bea Scott
Scott's Essentials
Thanks for reading about us, leave us a comment and we will respond.