How to use Scott's Essentials Broad Spectrum CBD Topicals

Posted by Jon Scott on 27th Feb 2024

How to use Scott's Essentials Broad Spectrum CBD Topicals

     Using a product for the first time can feel daunting. We are here to help. Use this article as a guide for what ingredients we use in our CBD Topicals and how to use them. 

We manufacture 3 different full size twist up Hemp derived CBD topicals. Each one is designed for a specific purpose. Every person is looking for something that will support them when they are having a rough day. Each topical is designed to support you in your roughest days.

Quick Bits

  • No THC
  • No dyes
  • No water
  • 500mg CDB per topical
  • Convenient twist up container w/lid
  • Feel it working in 30 seconds or less

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Rub It Out 500 mg CBD topical


Each one of our 2.2 oz. Hemp derived CBD topicals come in a convenient and easy to use black twist up container with a screw on lid. This is great for safe keeping and carrying in a bag for travel. For example, you can keep one in a gym bag and just leave it in the bag for when you want it or in a purse for quick and easy use.

  1. Unscrew lid and set aside
  2. Twist up desired amount
  3. Apply directly to intended area
  4. Rub in with hands(you can put on disposable gloves) or you can just let it sit on the skin
  5. Toss gloves or wash hands if you would like
  6. Replace lid( keeps away small hands and keeps your topical safe from dirt or hair)

Rub It Out 500 mg CBD topical twisted up while opened

Use our Hemp derived CBD topicals before you do a physical activity or before relaxation. Apply these to the back of the neck, tired knees, overworked backs and crampy hands.

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