Posted by Jon Scott on 25th May 2024

The WNBA is making charter flights a standard

    This 2024 season is the first time the WNBA will have charter flights for all of their teams. This will include all of the new and upcoming WNBA expansion teams.

All professional athletes deserve safe travel

This news is huge, imagine being a professional athlete that has to fly coach constantly. You already spend the majority of your life in the spotlight. There would be many occasions when you would not want to be on a row of seats with people who most likely are not going to leave you alone.

They will be guaranteed to have charter flights for the 2024 and 2025 WNBA season.

WNBA Spending $25 Million to Charter Flights

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Of course, some people will easily say they are celebrities and they signed up these kinds of interactions. To a point this is true, but constantly having every move you make looked at. Especially under the social media spotlight is simply a daunting task to handle.


WNBA charter flights will be very beneficial in many ways. Here is a few reasons why;

  • privacy
  • security
  • mental rest
  • on time flights
  • calmer environment

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Every one of us enjoys privacy. No matter if you are a celebrity, a normal person that doesn't want any spotlight or a professional athlete. It matters to have personal space, many of us will us this time to decompress from stressful situations.


Flying anywhere these days is a big event. Security is held as a big priority and justly so. Everyone's safety is important and using chartered flights will help ensure the security and safety of the WNBA players, coaches and staff.

Their counterpart, the NBA has been using charter flights since 1990, including the Phoenix Suns, Portland Trail Blazers, Golden State Warriors, Houston Rockets, Cleveland Cavaliers, Seattle Supersonics, and Sacramento Kings were chartering flights for most of their road trips. It makes complete sense the WNBA is following suit.

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Mental Rest

All professions require some kind of mental rest from their required duties. I mean let's get real, as a WNBA player it is obvious a lot of people will be willing to approach you. Either for a photo, autograph or just to say hi. Which means you are always on your "A" game. In terms of trying to be the person every kid hopes to meet and have a great memory about.

Some of us get lost in music, art, a good book or even a video rabbit hole of your favorite subject. However you want to do it mental rest is important and the guarantee of WNBA charter flights for the next 2 seasons guaranteed, will give the players, coaches and staff that chance.

They will be guaranteed to have charter flights for the 2024 and 2025 WNBA season.

On Time Flights

Getting your flight to be running on time is a crazy thing. If you are the lucky ones who arrive as scheduled and the plane takes off as planned. This can make it all seem so simple.

All of the WNBA teams will need to have certain staff available on the court side for every game. Having on time pre scheduled charter flights will make sure they are not missing any key staff members that should be there but could have possibly gotten bumped off a flight.

Long lines and delays are a great reason for WNBA charter flights

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Calmer Environment

Every time we plan for an airline flight it can take tons of pre planning. Having charter flights already scheduled for 2024 and 2025 season of the WNBA will help provide a calmer environment for everyone involved in this traveling process. Putting on some great headphones and enjoying some music, video games or a movie.

With the WNBA stepping up to guarantee charter flights for all their teams. A calmer environment for all players will allow for a better experience during travel time. Which can be a very large help when they need to have some time for their bodies to be able to relax. Without proper rest between games they will have no time to recover from any previous games.


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