Calm the Crazy 16 oz Lavender CBD Bath Salts thc free 1600 mg

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Raise your hand if you simply love the smell of Lavender. This Bath Salt smells divine and will lull you into a wonderful state of relaxation, calmness and possibly even some cramping relief. You work hard and sitting in a hot bath to relax feels so good after a long day. Using this as a foot soak is a simple way to alleviate the tension and wear that your feet can feel as well. Envelop yourself in the smell of the essential oils and enjoy letting go of your day’s worries and stress.


Now available in size options of 2 oz, 4 oz, 8 oz or 16 oz.

 All of our Bath Salts are 100% dye free and have 0.00% thc.


Suggested use: Every ounce is equal to 100 mg of CBD. You should do a ½ ounce to start with, which is equal to 50 mg of CBD. If this does not feel like enough for you add more at the same rate. This will ensure that you will not have too much and go beyond your desired effects. Enjoy with responsibility. Keep out of reach of children at all times. Intended for adults of 18 years of age or older.


Included below is the full ingredient list inside of every Calm the Crazy CBD Bath Salts.

Lavender Essential Oil(E.O.)

Magnesium Sulfate(Salts)

Broad Spectrum Distillate Cannabidiol(CBD) thc free

Orange Five Folds E.O.

Australian Emu Oil

Chamomile E.O.

Geranium E.O.

Mandarin E.O.

Marjoram E.O.

Patchouli E.O.

Eucalyptus E.O.

Clary Sage E.O.

Ginger E.O.

Bergamot E.O.

Ylang Ylang E.O.

Rosewood E.O.


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    Calm the crazy

    Posted by Jennifer on 14th Jun 2021

    I love this! I take a cbd bath almost every night. It's so relaxing! Takes my pain away and helps me wind down and get to sleep.