Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find the most frequently asked questions we get asked about our products.

If you ever have any need to bank any more questions please feel free to contact us through email at  or 

at this phone number (509) 845-5275


Q: Do your products contain T.H.C. ? 

A: Yes some of our products do contain a very small amount of T.H.C.. The amount that is in every product is below the legal amount allowed of 0.3% T.H.C. in the United States.

Some of our products have 0.00% T.H.C. but none of them will be above 0.3% T.H.C.


Q: Are Scott's Essentials products 3rd party tested? 

A: Yes all of Lotion Topicals and Bath Salts have been 3rd Party tested, but our other items have not currently been 3rd party tested. They do have their original testing from Botanacor labs, which is available for your viewing in the photo section of each of our products. We plan to have the other products we provide tested very soon. We are a small company that is striving to bring only high quality CBD products, doing so takes time. 


 Q: What is a Lotion Topical?

A:  A Lotion Topical is a CBD(Cannabidiol) T.H.C. free essential oil salve that comes in a black twist up container. It features high quality Essential oils that we meticulously researched for and tested for several years before these were ever made into a nationally available product. The sticks will glide on like a lotion but will keep its form for ease of use. It's made of Coconut oil, Beeswax, Avocado oil, Soy Lethicin, Australian Emu oil  and  Essential oils. It is currently available in 3 different scents of Menthol, Lemongrass or Lavender. 


Q: Why should I buy from Scott's Essentials?

A: We are a husband and wife team that have lots of experience with Chronic pain and discomfort. All of our products have been made to help you feel better, we understand how uncomfortable it can feel to have tired muscles, overworked joints, crampy and swollen hands or consistent inability to relax. Both of us have been in the service industry for decades and we treat you like we were the customers. 

 I(Jon)personally have bad shoulder, knee and back problems from my job. I dealt blackjack for 17 years. Every product is made to be of the highest quality because that's what I would want if I was you. I would want to see all the ingredients, the ease of use, affordability and quality of the overall product.  We spent many years researching and redoing our sticks recipes over and over again until we finally found a worthy recipe. 

As we grow as a business we will be able to release more and more of our products we have developed.


Q: Where do you ship to?

A: We ship to any address as being a listed United States of America legal shipping address.


Q: What if my product gets damaged during shipping?

A: Please refer to our return policy which covers such situations like this.


Q: Will your products help with pain?

A: Everyone has a different definition of what pain is, but you definitely know what it feels like. Our products have been made to relieve some of your discomfort and overworked body parts such as a knee, shoulder, neck, joint and muscles. The Lotion Topicals are beneficial in their own independent ways. Calm Down is wonderful for nerve pain & discomfort, tired and achy hips(my personal favorite area to use it) and lets not forget low back cramping and muscle fatigue. Rub It Out is great for hard work days or nights. Personally I love this for yard work, doing a physical activity like going for a run or doing some auto work.  The menthol gets in deep to cool the muscles and then the Chilli seed oil warms up and loosens them for ultimate discomfort release. Peace, Love & Lemongrass is a wonderful scent that makes you want to get outside and explore. It is a natural bug deterrent that will leave you smelling like Lemongrass and not like bug spray. This will lift your mood and put a smile on your face. 

Please do not forget to wash your hands after applying our lotion topicals. Believe me, getting an itch in your eye and rubbing it with a covered hand is not a good time. Trust Me, I have lots of experience doing this.


Our products have helped us and many others. It is ultimately up to you as a customer to trust that we will be able to provide you with a valuable product that will actually do what is written about it. We strive to make the best possible products we can.