Mikey's chance fundraiser

If you live near the Tri-Cities in Washington, you probably have heard about Mikey’s Chance canine rescue. They are a great local non profit here in Kennewick, Richland and Pasco, Wa. We have teamed up with them to help raise funds, so they can continue their mission.

About Mikey’s Chance

Mikey’s Chance is named for a dog called Mikey – a big, friendly black Labrador whose people abandoned him. He spent several months in a cramped kennel in an overcrowded shelter, slowly losing hope. At last a rescue worker heard of his plight and found him a foster home – but she was too late. On the very day she arrived to fetch him, Mikey had growled at shelter workers, likely as a result of kennel stress, and was deemed potentially dangerous. He was euthanized that very day.

Mikey’s chance at a new life came too late. Our goal is to reach other dogs in time.

How are we helping?

Every time you make a purchase of our 2 package deal items for $60. Mikey's Chance will receive $30 of every package sold!

Is there shipping costs?

No, you will pick up your purchase at one of the adoption events that are regularly scheduled at Paws pet emporium or at Petsmart. Unless, you live out of Washington and in that case you will pay our normal shipping rates.

About the rescue

We're a registered non-profit organization, headquartered in the Tri-Cities in south-central Washington State. We focus mainly on saving dogs that are at risk in our region and placing them with adopters throughout the Pacific Northwest. Most of our dogs come from shelters in Washington & Idaho, where they are facing the threat of Euthanasia. Others are released to us by private individuals who need medical help with their own dogs. Other dogs are strays, either dumped or abandoned, that need a chance at a new life.

We do not hold our dogs in a kennel facility. All our dogs live in private foster homes, where they receive loving care, socialization, and training. A few that come to us with significant behavioral issues receive professional training and rehabilitation. All our dogs are sterilized, fully vaccinated, micro-chipped and treated for internal and external parasites, and many receive other vet care as necessary.

Our goal is to find the best possible match between dog and human. We believe the best way to do this is by openly sharing information. We disclose everything we know about our dogs, and in return we seek to know everything relevant about our adopters. Our thorough, painstaking, and time consuming adoption process ensures that when our dogs go home, it really is forever.

Ways you can help

Become a foster

Fostering makes the Mikey's world go round. We do not have a facility or site we hold all of our dogs at. All of our dogs are in private foster homes. This has many advantages (knowing our dogs inside and out, giving them a loving environment, and more) but it has one drawback, we can't take in dogs if we don't have a foster home for them to go into. Becoming a foster really does help save lives.


Sometimes people don't live in situations where fostering is doable but they still want to help out. If this sounds like you then volunteering with us might be for you. Our volunteers help us in so many ways including at fundraisers, meet & greet events, and more!

Support our fundraisers

We do all sorts of fundraisers: special designed Mikey's Shirts, calendars, raffles, silent auctions, and more. Supporting any of these fundraisers is a huge help to our program and allowing us to continue to take in the medically needy dogs that other rescues won't or can't take in.